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Continuation of my fanfic.


This is Part 2

 Warning: Note yet proof read. Get ready for a lot of tense and grammar errors.

Hiccup POV

Saturday arrived, I didn’t have it in me to talk to my parents yesterday like Jack me to and just fell asleep on my bed.

Great… now I have to lie about being gay to my parents, lying with my best friend that we’re in a relationship. And I’m probably gonna be seen by the whole Burgess High that me and him are dating! Leave it to me to open my big mouth and blurt out insane statements.

My phone buzzed, I got a message from Jack.

J: “Morning, beautiful! XD”


J: “Awe, you called me by my real name! You must really love me. ;) hahaha”

I just flushed red at this.

H: “What do you want?”

J: “L Baby’s mad? I’m sorry Hiccie. :kiss:”

H: “Jack, seriously. What do you want?”

J: “Have you told them yet?”

H: “No… Am about to…”

J: “Want me to be with you? Sooner or later, they’re going to have to see me with you.”

I really didn’t want him to get involved. But for this to work, we really have to be seen together. Hopefully just my parents do.

H: “Can you come over after lunch?”


“Mom, Dad. Here’s Jack…He’s… my boyfriend.” I said as I pointed to Jack and looked only at him, scared to see my parents’ faces of disgust or anything for that matter.

“We’re sorry that we had to keep it a secret Mr. And Mrs. Haddock. I knew the risks for this relationship. And I will take responsibility for him, for Hiccup.” I was shocked as much about this. Has he flipped his wig or something? Or is he still acting about all this? Either way, I’m as shocked as my parents about all this. How could he be so calm about this, even though we were only faking it?

My dad breathed out a long sigh. “Aye should’ve expected as much. Your mother was right. And I shouldn’t have pushed you too much, son.” My eyes just grew big in shock about this…. They think I’m gay??? My life is officially over…

“I had a feeling that since you’ve been hanging out with Jack here long enough, it was pretty clear that you’d be together.” My life just shattered to a million pieces.

“I’m glad that you both accepting this nicely, Mr. And Mrs. Haddock, Hope it’s not too much to ask, may I now officially court your son?” Huh… Jack??? If anyone might’ve noticed, I’m pretty sure my skin was even paler than Jack’s snow white skin.

Both my parents looked at each other, nodded. My dad started “It’s not going be an easy one, as you both know. This town isn’t that open to that kind of relationship.” I’m having a hard time accepting this as my parents actually believing my big full on lie. “But why couldn’t you tell us, son?” Both looked at me. I tried to say something. Maybe it’s not too late to tell them the truth now? Maybe they’ll be okay with me now if I said I was lying?

“I-I… I was afraid… I knew you that you both would love to have me settle down with a family… I’m really sorry about this.” I said with my head low. I’m really sorry for lying, but here I am, still lying my ass off in front of them.

“Well, lad, yes, we would love to have a grandchild in the long run, but if having a male life partner is what makes you feel more comfortable with, then we have to respect your decision.” My mom says as she placed her hands on my shoulders.


I went with Jack to his place, the only place that I could probably do a lot of rage flipping.


“Hiccie, calm down.” He stops me in place by holding me in his arms. I dare not tell him this, but whenever he holds me up close to him and pets my hair, I really like it when does that.

“You know the plan, right? We just need to be cute and cuddly when our parents see us, our friends could care less cause they know we always act so close together, and you’ve got nothing to lose.” He reassures me as he strokes my back in circles.

“We’re gonna have to hold hands.” I started.

“Like as if we’ve never done that before.” He answers.

“We’re gonna have to embrace each other.”

“I’ve done that to you a million times already.”

“We’re gonna have to kiss.”

“I dunno about you, but me, I’ve got minty fresh breath.” And he gives me that biggest smile of his. I’m not impressed and just gave him a flat stare.

Really Jack? “I want a divorce.”

“Oh come on, Hiccie! Can’t you take a joke?” He kept on poking my arm.

“Answer me this then, why are you calling me ‘Hiccie’?” Jack face became red, and tight lipped.

Jack POV

Oh man… how in the moon do I answer this one? “Umm… well… ” I scratched the back of my neck. “I kind of got carried away… when planning the relationship thing. Was it bothering you?” I gave him an apologetic smile I could ever muster.

He looked away from me. “I-it’s not a problem for me… just… I was just wondering. That’s all.”

I ruffled up his hair. This boy just simply looks adorable when he’s shy like this. He just swats my hand away, and tries to fix his hair.

“When this is over, I’m sure you can get anyone you like. Heck, you can even get Astrid to notice you finally.” Something about what I said just didn’t seem to sink into my stomach so well. “So, whatever I teach you, could apply to her.” And then laughed about it.

I wish I never saw that face of his light up when he learns he has a chance in getting the girl of his dreams… I mean, yeah, he just said he was gay out of frustration, and helping him out like this just makes me confirm how much I like the kid. But I just wish that one of these days, he’ll be okay with having a same sex relationship for real.

I jumped out of my skin when I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist and a head of hair land on my chest. “Thanks Jack, you’re the best friend I could ever have. Thanks for helping me out with this problem, and for planning on teaching me how to win Astrid’s attention.”

Whatever or whoever he chooses, I’ll just be happy for him.

-to be continued


twitter hash tag drawing! :D


twitter hash tag drawing! :D



Based on this post. I had an idea to hijack it, but then I got requested and went ‘you know what? I’m gonna do it. It’s probably gonna suck but hey.’ So yeah, here comes nothing. I’m sorry.

Mr. Haddock was extremely uncomfortable with being called that by his students - they were barely…


"I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly and then all at once"


The “Braid Club” 
lol *^*


The “Braid Club” 

lol *^*

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I have the biggest soft spot for father/son relationships..

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Winter Prince Night Jack Frost!

This was supposedly the outfit for the masquerade! (yes the one that was a billion years ago) Finally had the courage to upload it after cleaning the garbage lines I made. I even gave you a back view! 8D

Winter Prince post-future!AU (it may still be under  #whiteout  ?). He’s one of Manny’s knights and.. (hehe, get it? Night/Knight???—yeah okay… ._ .   )

Arm/shin guards are black metal. Sides/back is weaved leather. The see-through stuff is either just sheer fabric or some cool pretend-shadow fabricated by Ombric. Frost decorates his chest, shoulders and arms.
Staff if completely frosted over, so it looks white.

And I left the stupid mask from the masquerade, yay!

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Watchful Eyes

I realized that I’ve never?? Made a print for how to train your dragon or drawn any fanart e ver so I fixed that haha
11x17” print for Otakuthon! Come say hi, I’ll be at table D356 in the artist alley!


Watchful Eyes

I realized that I’ve never?? Made a print for how to train your dragon or drawn any fanart e ver so I fixed that haha

11x17” print for Otakuthon! Come say hi, I’ll be at table D356 in the artist alley!

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